mad men and the perfect pitch

As a fan of the TV series Mad Men I’m mourning the end of the penultimate season. It means of course that I know soon the entire series will be over. So before I say goodbye to Don, Peggy, Pete and Roger I’ve travelled back to the early seasons to relive some of the best television I can ever remember.

I’ve just re-watched the episode where Kodak is looking for an agency to promote the slide projector - or ‘wheel’ as the guys from Kodak call it.

The scene itself is no more than three minutes long but it’s beautifully written. It’s also a wonderful lesson in presentation.

Don hooks the men from Kodak by immediately telling them a story about an old Greek man that he had once worked for called Teddy. As the projector begins to show us slides from Don’s past - his wedding, lazy days at home and the birth of children - he tells us how Teddy once told him that ‘nostalgia’ in Greek literally means ‘the pain from an old wound’. The slides continue back and forward through his own personal timeline and also his underlying pain. At the same time we as the viewer imagine our own lives, our joys, past regrets and lost loves.

It is a brilliant example of how the power of single images and story can be used to transport us to another world.

As with many of Don Draper’s presentations, it’s simple, short and many layered.

Let’s hope the final season can give us another great moment.

In the meantime please enjoy:

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