apple - the design blueprint

The lines below are part of Apple’s recent campaign to remind us that they think a great deal about design. It’s a simple well-chosen series of words that tell us how they approach design.

The same could be applied to building and delivering a great presentation:

This is it.

This is what matters.

How it makes someone feel.

When you start by imagining

What that might be like,

You step back.

You think.


Who will this help?

Will it make life better?

Does this deserve to exist?

If you are busy making everything,

How can you perfect anything?


We don’t believe in coincidence.

Or dumb luck.

There are a thousand “no’s”

For every “yes.”

We spend a lot of time

On a few great things.

Until every idea we touch

Enhances each life it touches


If you have time please click the link below to the beautiful Ad that Apple created to support these words. It uses a mesmerizing blend of subtle sound, graphics and text to tell their story. If you have to create a new presentation watch this for a little inspiration.

Image credit: Flickr


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